#2 cheap flights

Searching for affordable plane tickets is one of my favorite past times. The key is to keeping an open mind and flexible schedule. Of course, with busy school and work schedules we often don’t have that luxury. However, if you do find yourself with some available vacation time, I will tell you how to take advantage of it.

My favorite website to use for scanning cheap tickets is none other than SkyScanner. It allows you to search destinations to Everywhere within the Cheapest Month. Here is an example of my go-to search. I find that SkyScanner results have more options and cheaper prices than Google Flights.

When you hit Search flights, you can see a list of countries with the cheapest roundtrip tickets in ascending order from low to high. In the drop down arrow, it will show you a list of the lowest price for each city, as well. This allows you to be more adventurous and spontaneous in your travels by seeing the opportunities available to you.

Once you choose a destination, it will give you a calendar of departure and return prices for each way. Depending on which outbound flight you choose, prices will fluctuate on inbound flights. Therefore, it is best to play around with it to see what days are optimal for you according to price and availability.

Of course, with prices this low you need to be amenable in your airline choices and flight times. Personally, I’ve never been quite picky about flying in economy or late at night, as long as I get from point A to point B. However, on longer flights it sometimes is worth the price to pay for comfort by simply choosing a better airline.

Another thrift way SkyScanner aids you in your flight search, is the Best Time to Book feature. Although, it is not available for the U.S., you can still search when to book from other countries to the U.S. like London to Los Angeles, for example. It allows you to see how many weeks in advance you should book your tickets and also the cheapest months to book tickets.

A few other ways to snake your way out of paying extremely high ticket prices is to search tickets to a different destination that has a layover in your desired destination but for a cheaper price. Websites such as Clever Layover and Skip Lagged provide this service for you.

For example, a plane ticket from LAX to JFK would cost $135 to fly directly. However, a plane ticket from LAX to BOS with a layover in JFK would only cost $117. It is good to keep both options in mind when searching for the cheapest price.

I hope this information helps you in your search for low cost prices to anywhere you desire to go. For more helpful advice, feel free to contact me.


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